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The Lakireddy Bali Reddy Case

A  Family's  Criminal  Conspiracy  Involving  Sexual  Slavery  &  Indentured  Servitude  In  Berkeley

by Diana Russell & Marcia Poole

Further News & Events

Sid Lakireddy giving the finger to protesters

Sid Lakireddy giving the finger to Berkeley (protesters) outside the Pasand Restaurant. He stood in defense of his famous family - the Lakireddys. (photo taken between 2000-2003)

Sid Lakireddy stands behind Vijay Lakireddy

Sid Lakireddy stands laughing behind his cousin, Vijay Lakireddy as Vijay gives the finger to Berkeley (protesters) outside the Pasand Restaurant. (photo taken between 2000-2003)

sid lakireddy videotaping protesters

On another occasion Sid Lakireddy videotaped Berkeley (protesters) outside the Pasand Restaurant. He found fun in harassing demonstator Diana Russell. (photo taken between 2000-2003)

Sid Lakireddy sues Rent Board candidates for besmirching his family name—Lakireddy.

May 30, 2013

Sid Lakireddy, president of the Berkeley Property Owners Association, stated that Igor Tregub, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Asa Dodsworth and Judy Shelton libeled him when they suggested he was a member of a family that was caught in human trafficking. Read the full article in Berkeleyside from its May 30, 2013 online edition at http://www.berkeleyside.com


Sid Lakireddy in the news Again

May 30, 2012

Berkeleyside reported The Fair Campaign Practices Commission on Thursday levied its second heaviest fine in 20 years on a landlord-backed group that spent more than $42,500 during the 2012 election.

The FCPC approved a stipulation agreement worked out between city staff and the people behind a Slate Mailer Organization that sent out five campaign mailers in support of the TUFF (Tenants United for Fairness) Rent Board slate.

The FCPC determined that the Slate Mailer Organization (SMO), its treasurer Rita Copeland, James Jay, an officer and rent board candidate, two of its donors, and Sid Lakireddy, the president of Berkeley Property Owners’ Association, violated Berkeley’s Election Reform Act in the way they administered the SMO and distributed its funds.



Protest at SF Indian Consulate Against Gang Rape in India

December 25, 2012

Narika is organizing a huge protest outside the Indian consulate office on Arguello Blvd. in the city on Friday, Dec. 28 at 11 a.m. We want to say we solidly stand behind the protestors of the gang rape in India. The protests there are swelling by the day all over the country, and we should act here. We are hoping to get at least four or five other groups,  to join us. It will be peaceful, but powerful and we are going to make sure the Indian government hears our voices.

It will be great if you and your friends and acquaintances of both sexes join the protests. We are proud that Indian women (in India) are out on the streets protesting.

The woman was raped for almost an hour by six drunken men on a Delhi bus. When they were done with her, one of them stuck an iron rod into her vagina and yanked it out with so much force that her intestines came out. She is on life support.


CASE Act (Californias Against Sexual Trafficking) on the ballot for November

Vote Yes on 35

Fall 2012


The proposed CASE ACT ballot initiative

For Information:

C.A.S.E. Act


Apartment House Owned by Lakireddy Bali Reddy Destroyed by Fire

March 2012

A a six-unit apartment building that was home to an estimated 20 to 30 people was totally destroyed by fire. The apartment building, owned by Lakireddy Bali Reddy, reportedly had no working smoke detectors. Berkeley Fire Department declares it an accident and Reddy avoids responsibility for negligence once more.

For Information:

Dwight apartment building fire forces dozens to evacuate


Lakireddy Case Fuels State and Federal Reform Regarding Sexual Trafficking

February 2012

The SF Public Press has a well researched article by Viji Sundaram on how the Lakireddy case reformed federal and state laws regarding sexual trafficking.

For Information:

How an infamous Berkeley human trafficking case fueled reform


Prasad Lakireddy opens new restaurant a block away from the closed-down Pasand.

October 2011

Prasad Lakireddy proudly opened a new restaurant a block away from the former Pasand Restaurant. You might remember the boycott against the sex-slave family's restaurant. Business went down & Pasand closed. Now they have opened a new restaurant with a different name, Nameste, down the block in the fomer Citibank building at 2323 Shattuck Ave.

Below is the article from Berkelyside on Oct 11, 2011:

"The landmark former Citibank building at 2323 Shattuck — sitting empty for the last five years — is the new home of Namaste Madras Cuisine, a restaurant featuring food from south India. Prasad Lakireddy and his partners installed cherry wood detailing throughout the building to complement the ornate beamed ceiling designed in 1926 by architect Walter Ratcliff. The chef and owner is Venkat Yaramala, who has 20 years experience running restaurants in Roseville, Chico, and the Bay Area. Meals will be served family-style and the restaurant will be open from 11am to 10pm seven days a week."

Controversy about a 2006 Girl-Fest event at a Reddy building takes off again

November 2010

Recently a lesbian group, BaSappho, has been having an extensive discussion about the appropriateness of having the 2006 Girl Fest festival at Berkeley's Down Low, (a building owned by the Reddy Family.)

Below is an article from the Berkeley Daily Planet that appeared at the time of the controversy.

For Information:

Sex-Slavery Opponents Picket Girl Fest Venue

(on page 5)


Lakireddy Bali Reddy listed as second highest doner on Berkeley's Measure R for Nov. 2010 election.

October 2010

For Information:

Who Paid for the Sierra Club's Yes on R mailer?


Gurrala Reddy arrested for exposing himself and "performed a lewd act"

October 2010

For Information:

Another Reddy arrested in Berkeley for sex crimes


Sid Lakireddy, president of Everest Properties & the Berkeley Property Owners Association


For Information:

Unsafe Buildings Place Tenants at Risk


Directory of Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking — A Guide to Resources in the San Francisco Bay Area

Presented through the Partnership of:

San Francisco Department on the Status of Women
San Francisco Human Rights Commission
Jewish Coalition to End Human Trafficking

For the directory:

Directory of Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking


Lakireddy Bali Reddy Listed on California's Office of Attorney General Megan Law List of Sex Offenders

For Information:

Meghan's Law List of Sex Offenders



Lakireddy Bali Reddy Released from Prison
on April 2nd, 2008

Lakireddy Bali Reddy was released from Federal prison on 2 April 2008.

Let us all hope that after 8 years in prison, Reddy has reflected on the error of his ways and is now ready to move forward as a new man.



Vijay Lakireddy Protests Berkelely's Lien
for Safety Violations

28 Nov 2006

The Lakireddy's never learn. The Berkeley City Council approved a lien against Vijay for continuing to allow his rental property to be in violation of Berkeley's Safety Codes.

The vote against Vijay was almost unanimous, with Councilmember Gordon Wozniac pleading Vijay's case, citing he had so much property, how could he be expected to do repairs in a timely manner. Councilmember Dona Spring, always a protector of tenants' rights & safety, replied that Vijay and his family's real estate empire never responded to any calls from tenants and, in fact, never called her back on the occasions she phoned to express her concerns about safety violations.



Upheld fines for Vijay Lakireddy

by Judith Scherr (12-01-06) in Berkeley Daily Planet

The council turned down a request from landlord Vijay Lakireddy to reduce fees for slow compliance in fixing violations under the city’s Rental Housing Safety Program in 47 of 60 units he owns at 2033 Haste St.

Lakireddy argued that because he had so many repairs to do he should be given some leeway. “A lot of items were flagged. We did our best,” he said.

“When a property owner has far flung real estate holdings, he bears some responsibility for upholding safety laws of the city,” Councilmember Max Anderson responded.

Mayor Tom Bates addressed Lakireddy directly: “We hope this is a wake up call.”




Appeal By Vijay Lakireddy Re: Imposition
of Lien to Recover Rental Housing Safety Program Fees

The Housing Department rejected Mr. Vijay Lakireddy’s objection to $7,800 in fees imposed by the City of Berkeley’s Rental Housing Safety Program, thereby allowing a special assessment lien to be filed on Mr. Mosleh’s rental property.  These fees were incurred in the enforcement of the Housing Code on the property located at 2033 Haste Street, Apartments 101, 102, 104, 119, 201, 203, 204, 211, 214, 306, 314, 318, and the Common Area. 

For further information, please contact Carlos Romo, Housing Inspector Supervisor at 510.981.5440.